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Entry #1 - New lease of life (2 April 2016)

Recycled teak sourced from abandoned old buildings, neglected bridges, old boats and debilitated railways often bear the scars of years past. Nooks where bolts were sunk, once nail-filled holes and other imperfections give recycled teak its distinct character with each piece telling a unique story of their former functions.

At Hewn, our furniture is designed with these in mind to give recycled teak a new lease of life. We adore the application of purist ideals and the use of clean lines in design that allow the rusticity of recycled teak to come through. 

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Filled holes that probably once bore bolts, displaying the authenticity and character of recycled teak. 

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Embracing clean lines, our Planar bench shows off the rusticity of recycled teak. Available here.

Scars of years past – what do you think this piece’s former function was? From our Espresso coffee table, available here.